Law on Trial 28 June – 3 July

“A week of events in which law is held to public account.

The inaugural event on Social Rights will take place on Monday 28 June–  Saturday 3 July 2010

Law on Trial offers a week of public lectures, workshops and art and film  showings which aim to bring together academics from the School of Law, Birkbeck, University of London with lawyers, activists, NGO staff and members of the public to explore and interrogate questions concerning the operation of law.

The inaugural event examines issues around law and social justice. Each day is devoted to one pressing aspects of the law and policy relating to state support and social rights, such as home buyers and public housing, the rights of refugees, education, minorities and children’s rights, employment and labour rights, constitutional reform and human rights.

Timed to take place shortly after the general election, it provides a platform on which academics, practitioners and activists can articulate the conditions under which social justice can be realised. The events will be led and facilitated by academics from the School of Law at Birkbeck but the floor will be opened to invited experts and others outside academia. There are myriad events to choose from and get involved in.

The events are free and open to everyone. There are however limited spaces available for each event, so do make sure to register. So, whether you are a Birkbeck student, practising solicitor or barrister, activist or are simply interested in and concerned about social rights, we invite you to come along and join us.”


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