“I milked Bert (the rocking horse).  Berta has a milk [?] (points to the long hairs that hang down the front) “I milked her there.”

“A sadly comic ladder” – “I must climb over there sadly”, he said, after my mother replied to his words about having to climb over that it seemed rather sad.”

“The sun is ill today.”  Dora: what is wrong with it?  “It has lost two rays.”

“Drink water by the light of the moons – imagine, it would be champagneyackwine.”

“He had some tinfoil in his hand, one one side it is silver, on the other gold.  He lies in bed and asks me which I prefer.  I say: the golden side.  He says:  Me too, one can sleep better with that.”

The recordings and archivings of Walter Benjamin’s son, Stefan, as he utters his innocent and growing wisdom (taken from “Walter Benjamin’s Archive:  Texts, Images, Signs (2007)).

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