The New Statement, 84 Great Eastern Street

The New Statement

We are here to take control of something that belongs to everyone – we are reclaiming communal space. We are not here to defend The Foundry, although we respect and admire the work they have done.

The owners of this site, Aspirations Ltd., claim the absolute and ultimate right to determine the fate of this building. They will impose their project on the local area, despite having no ties to it. Their plans to erect a glass and aluminum ‘Park Plaza’ hotel tower will dominate and destroy local culture, community and history in pursuit of profit.

We believe that buildings should cater to and benefit local communities, not large corporations. This occupation is not an end in itself, but the beginning of an attempt to reclaim our lives, our social space, our workplaces, and to live in a way that’s autonomous, sustainable, and where we are in control.

We know that the ‘rights’ of Aspirations Ltd. will be enforced under the current system. Until that time, we will obstruct their plans to the best of our abilities. We have expanded our protest from inside the building out onto the streets.

The street is not just a path from A to B, but a place where we live – where we spontane, where we find the new, where we find each other.

But our streets are mediated and controlled by power and capital. We are watched, coerced, patrolled, questioned and dispersed.

Our lives are shepherded – but for now, here at least – the street is ours.

We invite you to join us – for conversation, happenings, and protest. We want to hear your views on how this space should be run, and invite you to organise workshops and events here. 

PS to local residents: We want to work with you, not be a nuisance. We will keep this space clean, and noise levels down. Please feel free to discuss any concerns with us.

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