Call for Papers – ‘Chaotic Property’ Stream, CLC 2014, University of Sussex, Brighton, UK

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‘Chaotic Property’ Stream, Critical Legal Conference 2014, University of Sussex, Brighton, 4-6 September 2014

This stream seeks contributions on the theme of ‘chaotic property’, following the particular focus of the conference on the age of chaos and what this means in terms of formal, informal, alternative, authoritarian and anti-authoritarian property narratives.  What does chaotic property mean?  Does it mean it is disordered or highly organised?  Is chaotic property anarchist by default?  What does an anarchist property speak to and what can we learn from it?  How does chaos account for spatial understandings of the law, and indeed, the time element in property?  All estates in land are slices in time, thus how does a linear or nonlinear conception of time alter our understandings of individual property rights and what can chaotic property tell us about property in an age of neoliberalist totalising rights in land and everything else while you’re at it?  What do we do when we use anarchist property to resist that imposed by the state?  Is chaos critique?  How does chaotic property account for collective rights and environmental rights?  What does chaotic property look like considering traditional conceptions of disorder?

This stream would attract papers from colleagues working in the areas of property, law and space, law and time, law and aesthetics, law and architecture, anarchism, autonomism and the law, social movements, protest, law and resistance, complexity and law studies, environmental law, access rights.

For expressions of interest please contact stream organiser Lucy Finchett-Maddock at:

Proposals should consist of a short abstract (max. 250 words).

Deadline for Paper Proposals:            30 June, 2014

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