Starlings Swarming

If you live in Brighton, or are visiting, one of the many wonderful phenomena, is to see the starlings swarm and swirl as they dance around the Palace Pier. The video is a little basic and will take a some zooming to see them in their full emergent, leaderless beauty, but hopefully you can see them against the retiring peach of the seaside sunset.


I write on my half day

I write on my half day,

stand tall on my full day,

flick the ashes from my corduroy jeans,

with pock marks immortalised as burns –

the full despair of misspent time.

I curl up into a ball hereonafter,

and move mountains,

the forever – who would have thought –

a meeting of hands that are not there.

Moved and weathered veins,

predicting a path

of lattice and overture.

A delicate crossing of fingers,

in the opaque of the juridical.

Care not, care all.