A soft cloud of relief,

drifts gently across

the aura of the day ..

my aura,

the aura of the room –

this house that has seen many movements.

It began this morning with a friendly turning,

one that was not so unfriendly as before.

A turning as if navigating something of a corner

and then found another,

more serene, angle,

and I am happy to be of its acquaintance.

Where words could be useful,

they have not been, of late.

There have been listenings


so hard to hear

for their multiplicity

.. a falling within,

that only time has managed to direct.

A falling,

something akin to a dissolution.

A depletion,

maybe a deletion.

I have returned and yet I am not the same.

I am here but there is something new,

something lost,

something gained.

A soft being,

but a strength in that delicacy –

a gift

from that doppleganger,

that which resembles.

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