The Art/Law Network is a gathering of artists, lawyers, agitators, coming together to work and collaborate for change.

The network is a platform where artists can be in contact and collaborate with practitioners working within the law, the legal system, legal teaching and research.

Similarly, the network provides a space where lawyers, activists, academics, thinkers of all creeds, can learn new open forms of law and legal thinking through bringing art into law.

Participants in the Art/Law Network are Collaborators.

Projects between Collaborators of the Art/Law Network are Convergences.

Art/Law Collaborators may find and work with one another through our  Community.

The Art/Law Network has a Coordination Group of artists, lawyers and agitators who develop the philosophy, strategy and projects that the network Clinic are involved in.

There are a number of themes the Art/Law Network are working with:

  • Thresholds
  • Pedagogy
  • Protest
  • Media
  • The Postcolonial
  • Environment
  • Speculations
  • Rehabilitation
  • Property
  • Brexit

Art/Law Network design.

We are very grateful to Sussex Law School for all their support and encouragement, financially and in other ways, in the continued development of the Art/Law Network.

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