ArtLaw Network SketchArt/Law Network (Sketch, 2017) – The basis of the logo of the Art/Law Network.


GraceGrace (Acrylics, 2013) – A story of standing on the edge of change.


JunctureJuncture (Acrylics, 2013) – Androgynous, metallic expression of self.


CelestialCelestial (Acrylics, 2013) – Replete and complete in space, the same story of the non-dual self.


Absence (Middle)Absence (Middle) (Acrylics, 2014) – Taken from a photo of myself in a state of intoxicating bliss in 2011.


MatterForm (Acrylics, 2014) – Playing with painted textures, lines and intersections.


25712571 (Acrylics, 2013) – Heartbeats, captures, the first expressions of understanding origins, voids, law and electricity.


AcquisAcquis (UNION, Installation, 2016) – The law hanging down from the ceiling for visitors to inform their voting decision around the EU Referendum.


UNIONUNION (Installation, 2016) – The law with magnifying glasses to give accessibility. A black ribbon as a mark of respect for Jo Cox murdered during the time of the exhibition.


Unlock SheUnlock She (Acrylics, 2017) – Self-portrait, using heart capture motif.


StripyStripy (Acrylics, 2014) – First of a series of paintings using psychedelic stripes and thick black lines.


ElectricElectric (Photograph, 2016) – Looking down at wires attached to me and my heart, seeking to understand origins, voids, law and electricity.


Stasus (Segment)Stasus (Segment) (Acrylics, 2015) – Part of a larger painting, dogtooth, graph paper aesthetic.


ChandelierChandelier (Acrylics, 2012) – Painting for my own front room, and the start of a personal reawakening with drawing and  painting.


DaddyDaddy (Sketch, 2016) – Drawing of my sleeping father cuddling my teddy bear.


WoodrowWoodrow (Acrylics, 2013) – Painting of the farm I lived on in Brampford Speke, near Exeter, Devon.


ManifestManifest (Clay, 2018) – Interwoven pieces of twisted clay, playing with representations and forces of art, law, justice, resistance.


EntropyEntropy (Photograph, Acrylics, 2013) – Emergent movements of light reflected and captured on a painting, in a photograph.





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