With this project, I am using my own experience as someone with a pacemaker, as inspiration for a journey into ‘ORIGINS’.

The heart is the origin and source of our existence as living beings, and the heart relies on electricity as its origin in order to function.

What are the origins of law, is this electricity too?  What happens when machines help us exist?  Is this electric law?

I will be using a series of my own paintings as inspiration for the development of a performative and visual narrative of law, origins, and electricity.

Origins seeks to dissect what it feels like to daily experience the origin, through law, or through the heart.  As someone who has had a pacemaker implanted since I was 11 years old, the heart has been a spatio-temporally organising force in my life – as it is no less, with everyone.  So what is the difference between an electronic heart that creates the pulse of life, and that of an everyday heart that pumps from its own vault of electricity?  What does electricity have to do with origins, and what role may the electric have in the origin of law, and the origin of life?

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