The Conscious Lawyer
‘Grace’ featured on the front cover of ‘The Conscious Lawyer’, May 2017

Lucy’s work predominantly focuses on the intersection of property within law and resistance, interrogating the spatio-temporality and aesthetics of formal and informal laws, property (squatting and housing), commons and protest.

Her work also looks to broader questions around the intersection of art and law, resistance, legal and illegal understandings of art, property, aesthetics and politics.  She is currently developing an ‘Art/Law Network‘ where artists, activists, lawyers, practitioners and other such agitators can share their work and ideas, create art projects on law; law projects on art; collaborate on methodological and pedagogical approaches to law, through art; art, through law – and anything else in between.

Lucy uses the thermodynamic property ‘entropy’ a lot in her work, in relation to law, resistance, aesthetics which explains nonlinear and linear relations of time through understandings of complexity theory.

Lucy enjoys clinical legal approaches to teaching, the project ‘StreetLaw Brighton‘ with local art gallery Art Schism inspiring her recent turn to law and art, and the use of art/law clinical legal pedagogies.

Lucy is Senior Lecturer in Law and Art at the Law School, Law Politics and Sociology, University of Sussex.  

List of Works


Protest, Property and the Commons – Performances of Law and Resistance (2016), Social Justice Books Series (London, Routledge)

Edited Collections

Art, Law, Power: Perspectives on Legality and Resistance in Contemporary Aesthetics, with Eleftheria Lekakis (Counterpress, 2019)


Re-Worlding: A Theory of Art/Law (2018)

Voids, Vacuums and Loopholes – Escaping to the Heart of Law (Forthcoming), with Charlie Blake in ‘Holes’ Special Issue, Emotion, Space and Society

Squatters’ right – a case study on ‘legal movements’ theory (2017), Socialist Lawyer, 40-45

Beauty, Totality, Violent Law (2017), The Conscious Lawyer, 8-10

ArtLaw Network (2017), The Conscious Lawyer, 11-12

Letters on Legal Architecture (2016), with Leopold Lambert, ARCH+ Legislating Architecture, Berlin, May, 14-20, 14-21

Law in Numbers – The Poiesis of the Crowd (2014), Lo Squaderno (Crowded Spaces), 13-18

Fracking and the Legal and Extra-Legal in Planning Procedures (2014), Journal of Environmental Law and Planning, 1210-214

Responding to the Private Regulation of Dissent – Climate Change Action, Popular Justice and the Right to Protest (2013), 25, Journal of Environmental Law, 2, 293-304

Seeing Red – Entropy, Property and Resistance in the Summer Riots 2011 (2012), 23, Law and Critique, 3, 199-217

The Criminalisation of Squatting (2011), 50-51, Corporate Watch Magazine, 23-25

Finding Space for Resistance through Legal Pluralism – The Hidden Legality of the UK Social Centre Movement (2010), 60, Journal of Legal Pluralism and Unofficial Law, 31-52

An Anarchists Wetherspoons or Virtuous Resistance? Social Centres as MacIntyres Vision of Practice-based Communities (2008), 7, Philosophy of Management, 1, 21-32


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The Case of the Naughty in Relation to Law (2013) in E. Loizidou (ed.) ‘Disobedience: Concept and Practice’ (London, Routledge) 83-97

An Epistolary Conversation with Léopold Lambert (2013) in ‘The Funambulist Papers: Volume 4’ (Brooklyn, Punctum Books) 9-22

Squats and Spaces Solidarity Day: The Globe as a Temporary Autonomous Zone (2008) in “What’s this Place? Stories from Radical Social Centres in the UK and Ireland”, ESRC funded project ‘Autonomous Geographies’ (Leeds, Footprints Woklers Co-Operative) 76-79

Book Reviews

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Their Law:  The New Energies of UK Squats, Social Centres and Eviction Resistances in the Fight Against Expropriation (Part 1 of 2) (2015), published at

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