Speculate Legislate


Speculate-Legislate  seeks to find new ways of imagining and re-imagining the role of art and design in law as a tool for change.

This creative conversation brings speculative art and design principles in to the world of legal thinking, and vice versa. Monique and I are  collaborating on a joint art and law methodological narrative, or toolkit, for legal and social change, through the medium of art.

This methodological narrative will be produced in 2017 in a number of forms, fabricated and performed with the result an interactive art-law project that engages the community of Brighton, the Law School and the University of Sussex campus, as well as a documented description of the praxis (such as in an illustrated handbook accompanied by a journal article), as a research and teaching methodology.

Monique Grimord is a speculative designer, artist, and methodologist. She lives in São Paulo, Brazil, where she invents objects for socio-political storytelling, using design fictions and performance as a method of cultural commentary.