What turns a piece of street art from illegal graffiti to legitimate public art?  How does art depict law, or vice versa?  What role can art play in the rehabilitation of young offenders and how can art assist in the criminal justice system overall?  What role does aesthetics play in the daily practice of law, and what are the recent changes in media and intellectual property law that account for extant creative and artistic forms of ownership?

These are some of the central questions that ‘ StreetLaw Brighton’  proposed to interrogate, bringing students in contact with not just doctrinal and desk-based legal research, but practical and community-based concerns relating to law and everyday life.  Please see the StreetLaw Brighton blog for more information.

StreetLaw is a law-in-action based project that is in place throughout universities in not just the UK, but the US and beyond, with the aim of getting students involved in research on a specific legal issue concerning a given community.  StreetLaw.org is a useful website on the history and ethos of StreetLaw projects.

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